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281 Avis Voir le type:
    posté Dec 30, 2017Honda Stickers
    I bought these stickers for my Honda Joker 90. I have it in 1998 and there are small scratches on the sides of the plastic, respectively! To repaint it is long and not cheap! So I found an alternative...Lire la suite
    • SUZUKI ZZ (CA1PB-100001-)
    • SUZUKI LETS2 L (CA1PA-100001-)
    • ...et plus.
    posté Dec 29, 2017ALBA Weight Roller
    Par Irina (22)DeRussia
    ALBA Weight Roller 6 >Videos are good! for a small price-something that is necessary/ already bought them * I recommend to buy the original expensive too ALBA (good replacement)Lire la suite
    100% satisfied with the original Biltwell quality!!! Size mesh helped to choose the right one for me. The helmet fits and looks great, especially with original bubble visors. Price with sale programm ...Lire la suite
    • HARLEY-DAVIDSON General purpose 1 inch bar equipped car
    installation manual in English helped to switch the original grips, installed on my Buell clip'ons (custom made Virago front). Feels smooth, looks great especially with original biltwell solo seat (al...Lire la suite
    • Others Universal
    Всем привет! На днях получил посылку, очень хорошо упаковано, в коробку с бумагой и пупыркой, сама коробка не помята, ветровику тем более ничего не будет.
    В комплекте: сам ветровик, 2 крепления и 4 ...Lire la suite
    • SUZUKI ADDRESSV125 [address] S Basic
    • SUZUKI ADDRESSV125 [address] S Limited
    • SUZUKI ADDRESSV125 [address] SS
    • SUZUKI ADDRESSV125 [address] g
    • SUZUKI ADDRESSV125 [address] S
    • ...et plus.
    posté Nov 21, 2017Отлично
    Хорошо и плотненько наделись, рукой прикасаться приятно, выглядят стильно (для тех кто не любит пестрости а больше склоняется к строгим класическим цветам) Вообщем покупкой доволен, рекомендую!
    Goo...Lire la suite
    • Others Universal
    The speedo itself looks and works great. Quality of assembling gives a hope for long last usage of product. Absence of english in manual not cause any problems with installation. Easy to set up with r...Lire la suite
    • YAMAHA GRANDAXIS [Grand Axis] 100 5FA All models : BWS [Bewis] 1004 VP all models
    posté Nov 13, 2017Супер
    Дорога до Сибири заняла немного больше месяца (Эконом пакет) Упаковано отлично! Помимо родной упаковки все завернуто в пупырку и упаковано в коробку со свежей японской прессой:-) Сам продукт выглядит ...Lire la suite
    • HONDA LIVE DIO 97-99
    Digital Super Battle Professional CF POSH Part Number: 433460 Unfortunately, now the weather does not allow you to evaluate all the features of the device, but when connected to the Honda Lead AF 48 t...Lire la suite
    • HONDA GYRO CANOPY (TA02) FNO16XXXXX-P type V type GYROUP (TA01) FNO20XXXXX-Y type - GYROX (TD01) FNO17XXXXX - Y type - SUPER DIO 【AF 27-1300001-】 SUPER DIOSR / XR BAJA 【AF28-1200001-】 SUPER DIOZX 【AF 28 all models】 LIVE DIO / ZX 【AF35-1500001-】 LIVE DIO / J 【AF34-3000001-】 LIVE DIO CHESTA 【AF34-2000001-】
    posté Oct 24, 2017UPS Aluminum Drive Face
    UPS Aluminum Drive Face approximately twice less than OEM Drive Face, but hardly the difference can be felt on the go. Due to the changed angle of the working surface, the belt comes out higher - this...Lire la suite
  • fits:
    • HONDA LIVE DIO AF34 (All models)
    • HONDA LIVE DIOSR AF35 (All models)
    • HONDA LIVE DIOZX AF35 (All models)
    • HONDA LIVE DIO CHESTA (All models)
    posté Oct 20, 2017Wonderful Tail Lens
    Wonderful glass, the quality is very good. There are not any burrs left after manufacturing. The glass rose in the lantern like a native. The packaging at the store is above all praise. It's bad that ...Lire la suite
  • fits:
    • HONDA Live Dio 97 - 00
    • Live Dio ZX 94 - 01
    • Smart Dio / DX / Z4 01-06
    • Superdio SR 91-94
    • Dio SR 96
    • ...et plus.
    posté Oct 19, 2017Good pads.
    До этих колодок стояли колодки из Китая. Эти колодки мне показались более цепкими. Колодки не скрипят, выглядят отлично. Время покажет как будут работать. Пока они меня устраивают.
    Before these pad...Lire la suite
  • fits:
    • HONDA LEAD100 [Lead] 98- (model : JF 06 Frame No : JF06-1000001-)   For front use
    • HONDA SPACY100 03-07 (Type : JF 13 frame NO : JF13-1000001-) For front use
    • HONDA SPACY125 07- (Type : JF 04 Frame No : JF 04 - 1600001 -) For front use
    • HONDA LEAD110 [Lead] 08 - 09 (model : JF 19 Frame No : JF19-1000001-1199999)   For front use
    • HONDA LEAD50 [Lead] 98- (model : AF48 frame NO : AF48-1000001-)   For front use
    • ...et plus.
    posté Oct 14, 2017KITACO
    At first glance the brake pads look good. I think they are not worse than OEM. KITACO products are of good quality. I recommend to buy.Lire la suite
  • fits:
    • HONDA SUPER CUB110 JA07/JA10(C110/NBC110)、SUPER CUB 50/PRO AA04(NBC50/NBC50BN)/110MD
    Par Vasily (4)DeRussia
    When my footpeg cover was broken I changed it to someone made from hard resine temporally. So my foot fliped easy on it. I like Webike PFP Rubber Footpeg for it's softness and it make foot unflippy on...Lire la suite
  • fits:
    • SUZUKI STREETMAGIC [Street Magic]
    • SUZUKI ADDRESSV100 [address]
    • SUZUKI Address 110 / Street Magic 110
    posté Oct 6, 2017Chameleon Factory
    Par Irina (22)DeRussia
    Great capture fire + better to start sharper * easier turtle need Suzuki 110 CC, and then jerks to start it as you like! I recommend these products Thank you!Lire la suite
  • fits:
    • DUCATI 750F1 85-86 Displacement : 750cc Genuine links : 98
    • DUCATI MHR900 81 Displacement : 864cc Genuine links : 100
    • CAGIVA 750 Elephant 93-97 Displacement : 750cc Genuine links : 108
    • CAGIVA ELEFANT900 -97 IE displacement : 900cc Genuine links : 110
    • CAGIVA ELEFANT900 -97 Displacement : 900cc Genuine links : 108
    • ...et plus.
    posté Oct 3, 2017Super chain
    This chain looks very heavy. It was very hard to remove extra links at installation time - the chain is very firmly assembled. It was used in combination with 15 and 49 sprockets and 116 links length ...Lire la suite
  • fits:
    • Others 【External goods compatible wheel】 DYMAG (Production model since 2011)
    • Spider type can not be installed
    • SUZUKI TL 1000 S 97-02 Genuine
    • SUZUKI GSX-R 750 96-97 genuine
    • SUZUKI TL 1000 R 98-02 Genuine
    • ...et plus.
    posté Oct 3, 2017Really lightweight sprocket
    This sprocket is really weightless in comparsion to steel one. It also has a very beautiful custom look.
    some people says that steel one lasts longer, but I can't believe my 400 motor can eat it for ...Lire la suite
  • fits:
    • KAWASAKI VULCAN800 1995-2006
    • KAWASAKI GPZ600R 1985-1986
    • SUZUKI GSX600F 1992-1997
    • SUZUKI GSX-R1100 1986-1988 530 Setting for conversion
    • KAWASAKI 750Turbo 1984-1985 530 Setting for conversion
    • ...et plus.
    posté Oct 3, 2017Good sprocket
    This is a well done quality product, dimensions are very accurate, steel looks good, so it can be installed without any problems and you can forget about it for the next 10000 km at least. Don't forge...Lire la suite
  • posté Oct 3, 2017High quality universal bag
    This bag is really bigger than on the pictures. Magnet pads can be hidden inside in special pockets, there is a handle and a shoulder strap, so it's a universal bag, it can be used even without motorc...Lire la suite
  • fits:
    • YAMAHA Super JOG Z [jog] (3YK1-9/A)
    • YAMAHA JOG (3YJ All models)
    • SUZUKI ZZ (CA1PB All models)
    • SUZUKI STREET MAGIC110 II (TR50SD) (CA 1 LB all models)
    • ...et plus.
    posté Sep 11, 2017KITACO Clutch
    Par Irina (22)DeRussia
    a good spring, but the belt does not throw at the maximum radius * but the start is sharp + excellent!
    the maximum speed of 5 km fell,Lire la suite
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