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TANAKA TRADING offers lineups with a focus on customization parts for 4mini. Their products are unmissable for all riders hoping for a unique motorcycle or individual customization.

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【What made you decide the purchase?】I got tired of Grom 's face mask I had so far, so I installed it with Meter visor.【How was it actually used?】I wonder if Impact lacks as it is in Black ...So I ...

TANAKA TRADING Réservoir 4L pour monture 4L MONKEY

Although there are some scratches, I think that it is within the problem range if I say it from the price.Mounting no problem without trouble.It is recommended to wash gently by putting Gasoline befor...

TANAKA TRADING Porteur arrière

【Deciding factor of purchase】 The carriage for Grom is the third one. Initially as light weight Aluminum Carrier. The second is OEM. And this time, but this time, the price was cheap and the steel mat...


This seat is okay for the money, but has some flaws like the seam at the piping is not tight big white gap on top of seat at piping. Not a lot of flexibility with mounting as rear bracket is welded t...

TANAKA TRADING Glissière de chaîne pour MONKEY OEM...

High quality product. Easy fitting. Prevent chain from scratching the swingarm. Very good product. Chain slider looks very good.

TANAKA TRADING Valve pour roue sans chambre à air

The price is also cheap but the texture and so on is as it is. Although it is in use, the rigidity is Funafuna feeling, but if it is exchanged every Tire exchange, it seems that durability is about th...

TANAKA TRADING Commutateur de réglage

I diverted Blinker of PCX 125 and Horn to reverse it. It was a bit small, but it worked. I cut off the rotation stopper's patch. Starter, Stop-lamp Wiring remains intact.

TANAKA TRADING Commutateur de réglage

I diverted it to reverse the position of Blixer and Horn of PCX 125. It was a bit smaller than OEM's, but it went well.. I also searched for other things, but I think that it is easy to divert thi...

TANAKA TRADING Aluminium CNC Cut-out Footpeg pour ...

I attached it to the bear MONKEY. I used NORMAL because the attached Spring does not attach anyway. There is somewhat wobbling but it is within the allowable range.

TANAKA TRADING Protecteur d'éclaboussures Hond...

In future it may be a Fender Eliminator, so buy ahead as Rear's Mud Guard.Body and ScrewCollar are included one by one.Although it fits properly in Exclusive Design, it seems like Made in Thailand...

TANAKA TRADING Support d'entretien de moto

You had better quit dual use.I can still use Rear, but Front does not feel like going up.Forcibly raised Motorcycle collapsed.On the contrary it was expensive shopping.After all, I replaced a famous M...

TANAKA TRADING Support d'entretien de moto

Compatibility with air-cooled Kawasaki ◎?Assembled for 3 minutes, with Center Stand combined, heavyweight cars got a little up in one handMaintenance efficiency Up mistake ♪

TANAKA TRADING Support d'entretien de moto

I think that the price and the commodity are like this if only once. After opening the stage Ball, it was in the state of RoseRose. But the price was also cheaper and it was a product. But it was good...

TANAKA TRADING Support d'entretien de moto

I bought it for GSX-R 750 and WR 250 X, but it was short in the back, I was disappointed without getting stuck in front.First, the back is 17 Inch wheel but avoiding Axle Shaft is difficult to make it...

TANAKA TRADING Support d'entretien de moto

I bought it to lift the Front of HORNET.I think that Rear stand is essential as it will become Front up after lifting Rear.In the case of HORNET, it seems to be in contact with Front fender when insta...

TANAKA TRADING Support d'entretien de moto

You can make it cheaply.When I use it for Rear stands, I feel that I want a bit more height in my MotorcycleEven if you shake it during use it is a nice feeling without anxiety.

TANAKA TRADING Support d'entretien de moto

There was only an assembly drawing, but I was lost as to how to use itUnder bracket Because Arm inserted under is FreeI will only raise it after plugging in.It got so light as I was beat fast.

TANAKA TRADING Support d'entretien de moto

First of all, packing was good, but since the width of Pipe used for Front did not match at the time of assembly, it was multiplied by force technique and weight. Next, when the rod to be inserted in ...

TANAKA TRADING Support d'entretien de moto

When it is used for for Front, assembly is a little troublesome, but basically it is easy to use.I think that use of daily Maintenance etc. is sufficient.

TANAKA TRADING Support d'entretien de moto

"Front maintenance stand" in Maintenance around Front was Items I want.The product is evaluated for its price and comment etc. I did not expect so much - - It is quite good, is not it?. I do...

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