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Exhausts by FMF have high performance which are chosen in various motocross races. They develop products on demand of racing team, materials, design and performance are top of level.

FMF Silencieux à glissière Powercore4

Accuracy is no problem at all, it is installed in about 10 minutes. I do not think that the volume is especially noisy if you install the included Baffle (AKRAPOVIC attached by DR - Z is higher in vol...

FMF Silencieux à glissière Q4 HEX

The texture is not bad, but the part fixing the Silencer got a little angle, and even if it was adjusted, it did not become parallel with the fixed part of the frame. Other than that I do not have any...

FMF Chambre d'échappement GNARLY

I bought it by saying that it is a counterpart at this site, but the hole of the Plate for fixing does not match with the Engine sideFurthermore, Exhaust Chamber does not fit into the hole because it ...

FMF Silencieux à glissière Powercore4

Used for carburetorXG 250 TRICKER.The omission is quite good, so Power comes out.Volume is not hampered Level.Just sound quality is very good so I think that it is OK if you do not mind the volume.Wit...

FMF Silencieux à glissière Powercore4

Since it was installed in SEROW 250 and it took about two months to pass Review.Regarding installation, I am asking Motorcycle shop.Since we replaced the Exhaust pipe from Normal exhaust pipe to SP Ta...

FMF Échappement Logo Résistance à la chaleur Alumi...

I purchased it to replace it.I bought an Exhaust SystemDecal that I tried to replace with DELTA before,Thickness of decal It is completely different texture.It is hard enough to be protected if some s...

FMF Silencieux à glissière POWERCORE4 HEX

I installed it in the KLX 250 Final edition, but the Gasket at the junction with the Exhaust pipe is not attached!Since the insertion diameter of Slip-on Silencer of FMF is thicker than NORMAL (The sa...

FMF POWERCORE 4SA Slip-on Silencieux

Delta barrel4 (JMCA) + From Torque head pipe Silencer is exchanged for FMF only.I was thinking that other people were impressed as explosive sounds, but ...Even though it's not as much as the bomb...

FMF Silencieux à glissière Powercore4

Before installation, replace the Baffle Silencer that came with it from the standard network Baffle.First of all, this is difficult.. Because it did not come off at all, so long from the other sideI p...

FMF Silencieux POWERCORE 2

For some reason the product is only on the CRM 80, but it also adds to 50 as usual.The installation was attached with a high accuracy and easy, the performance side became more quiet than the OEM, the...

FMF Bouchon de lavage

It is used at the time of the car wash of FMF Q4 silencer. Since the adhesive was attached when the gummed cloth tape was stuck, the wash plug was looked for. It used besides FMF, and since it was che...

FMF Bouchon de lavage

It is free cork. Although what is necessary is for a gummed cloth tape something just to only close, it is convenient if it sets together with the car wash tool.

FMF Extracteur de ressort

Structure and function are simple and can be used without problems, but when it is a strong spring like Center Stand's Spring, the handle gets stuck in the palm of your hand as the power becomes s...

FMF Extracteur de ressort

Well made、 easy to use spring puller. Works like a charm in installing and removing of exhausts sections.

FMF Extracteur de ressort

It is ideal for desorption of the Spring of a Chamber or a Brake pedal.
The curve with a delicate tip which hooks the Spring is easy-to-use beyond anticipation.
In the direction improved frequently...

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