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REGGAE [120/90-10 57J TL] Tire MICHELIN
fits: HONDA ZOOMER 01-08|11-12|15|17 for Front
  • HONDA ZOOMER 01-08|11-12|15|17 for Front
  • YAMAHA BWS(BWS) 98|12|15-17 for Front
  • YAMAHA Box DELUXE 14 | 16-17 for Rear
  • YAMAHA Box 06 - 07 | 09 | 12 - 14 for Rear
  • ...et plus.
posté Apr 24, 2018

Michelin Reggae are very cool tires

Par Proud owner (10)DeNorway

I love these tires. They are great for all conditions, and grip tight to all surfaces. They also look awesome, especially if you give them that retro drag race look by coloring the side wall text white. Mine are size 120/90-10.

Iridium Plug CR7HIX 3485 NGK
fits: SACHS Madas 50 Required number : One
  • SACHS Madas 50 Required number : One
  • HONDA CB125T (81-) JC 06 Required number : Two
  • HONDA CRF100F (03. 9 -) HE 03 Required number : One
  • HONDA SCV100LEAD (Reverse Import) (03-) Required number : One
  • ...et plus.
posté Apr 24, 2018

iridium spark plug CR7HIX 3485

Par User (1)DeRussia

Recently I purchased in Webike iridium spark plug CR7HIX 3485 for my scooter Honda dio AF68. Long decided to put it on a scooter or not. I have already had the experience of using iridium spark plugs on my Nissan car. I admit that the results impressed me very much. Well, I put this spark plug in my scooter. I immediately noticed that the engine b...

Reinforced V Belt DAYTONA
fits: SUZUKI ZZ50 (ZZ) 2006 【Frame No. CA 1 PB-141617 or later
  • SUZUKI ZZ50 (ZZ) 2006 【Frame No. CA 1 PB-141617 or later
  • SUZUKI ZZ50 (ZZ) 2007 【Frame No. 】 CA 1 PB-145911 or later
  • SUZUKI ZZ50 (ZZ) 2005 【Frame No. 】 CA 1 PB-135772 or later
  • SUZUKI ZZ50 (ZZ) 2004 【Frame No. 】 CA 1 PB-118018 or later
  • ...et plus.
posté Apr 23, 2018

Very good quality belt with good charact...

Par k1rG (7)DeRussia

Very good quality belt with good characteristics.
Good price from webike for this one. After 20-40km i got good acceleration and awesome dynamic(suzuki zz)
just use this belt with the pulleys daytona or OEM pulley with 7-7.5g weight rollers for getting good results.

Blinker Lens Set KITACO
posté Apr 23, 2018

KITACO Blinker

Par Alexander09 (2)DeRussia

спасибо webike посылка пришла быстро за 20 дней,все уже поставил на свое законное место,все идеально подошло, все ОК! thanks to the webike the package came quickly in 20 days, everything has already been put in its rightful place, everything is perfect, everything is OK

Kevler Drive Belt KITACO
fits: HONDA ZOOMER (All models of AF58)
  • HONDA ZOOMER (All models of AF58)
posté Apr 23, 2018


Par Jimmy Li (11)DeUnited States

Around 1500 miles the belt went hard and brittle with cracks (see picture). Stock belt with 10000 miles on it is still supple!

High-Spec Line Brake Hose Type D DAYTONA
fits: HONDA CB400SS Hose length 850 mm
  • HONDA CB400SS Hose length 850 mm
  • HONDA CB 750 FC hose length (right / Left) 900 / 950mm
  • HONDA CB 750 SP Edition Hose length (right / Left) 850 / 850mm
  • HONDA CBR 600 RR 03 - Hose length (right / Left) 600 / 650mm
  • ...et plus.
posté Apr 22, 2018

Good response

Par Hor (1)DeMalaysia

I'm comparing this to oem Yamaha SR400 Blake line,the difference was obvious,the braking become firmer and very responsive.This brake Line has minimal to none spongy feel if you compare to rubber brake line,I guess the stainless steel mesh works.i have been riding with this brake around 1000km so far,everything is working well there is no sign of l...

K & N Replacement Air Filter YOSHIMURA
fits: YAMAHA XVS950 BOLT 942cc All (2017)
  • YAMAHA XVS950 BOLT 942cc All (2017)
  • YAMAHA XV950 RACER 942cc All (2017)
  • YAMAHA XV950R 942cc All (2017)
  • YAMAHA SCR950 942cc All (2017)
  • ...et plus.
posté Apr 21, 2018


Par Jirateep teeyaboon (1)DeThailand

เป็นสินค้าที่ดี การจัดส่งแพ็คส่งเรียบร้อย ใส่แล้วรู้สึกได้ว่าอากาศไหลเข้าเยอะทำให้เครื่องทำงานได้ดีขึ้นกว่ากล่องเดิมติดรถมา คุ้มค่าที่จะหามาไว้ติดตั้ง
A good product Package delivery sent successfully. I can feel the air flowing, making it work better than the original box car. Worth to find out.(translated by Google Translator)

Disc Horn TYPE 305C CF POSH
fits: Others Universal
  • Others Universal
posté Apr 21, 2018

CF POSH Disc Horn TYPE 305C

Par DrPong99 (43)DeThailand

CF POSH Disc Horn TYPE 305C แตรคลาสสิกจาก posh มีให้เลือกทั้งโทนเสียงทุ้มต่ำ และโทนเสียงสูง ติดตั้งง่าย ดีไซน์เรียบหรูคลาสสิก
CF POSH Disc Horn TYPE 305C The classic horn of posh is available in low tones. And the high tone, easy to install, elegant design classic.(translated by Google Translator)

Tornado Exhaust System (Type2) (JMCA Certification) SP TAKEGAWA (Special Parts TAKEGAWA)
fits: HONDA MONKEY (AB27-1000001-1899999)
  • HONDA MONKEY (AB27-1000001-1899999)
  • HONDA GORILLA (AB27-1000001-1899999)
posté Apr 20, 2018

Tornado Exhaust System (Type2) CRF50F Mo...

Par Gromguy1 (23)DeAustralia

Building an Australian model CRF50 Motard. I decided on the Takegawa Tornado Exhaust System (Type2) #04-02-0811. The Tornado is a down type exhaust. It's design allows for a long header section which improves torque. Fitting can be done with basic skills and tools in minutes, two exhaust flange nuts and a bush with "R"pin and it's on. The finish on...

Blue Mirror (Circle) YAMAHA
fits: YAMAHA MAXAM [Magzam] (Adaptive model code : 1B71 / 1B74 / 1B75)
  • YAMAHA MAXAM [Magzam] (Adaptive model code : 1B71 / 1B74 / 1B75)
  • YAMAHA DRAGSTAR400 [Drag star] (Adaptive model code : 35C2 / 4TR1 / 4TR2 / 4TR3 / 4TR4 / 4TR6 / 4TR8 / 5KP1 / 5KP2 / 5KP4 / 5KP7 / 5KP8 / 5KPB / 5KPC / 5KPE / 5KPH / 5KPK / 5KPL / 5KPM)
  • YAMAHA TMAX (adaptive model code : 15B7 / 5GJ4 / 5GJ8 / 5GJB / 5GJC / 5VU1 / 5VU3 / 5VU9 / 5VUD)
  • YAMAHA DRAGSTAR250 (Adaptive model code : 5KR1 / 5KR4 / 5KR7 / 5KRB / 5KRD / 5KRF / 5KRG / 5KRJ)
  • ...et plus.
posté Apr 19, 2018

Nice improvement to standard bike.

Par Eugenio (1)DePoland

Hi, as you all probably know fuel injected SR400 is equipped with "virago style" mirrors. Standard ones of course works but round ones better fits to classic SR style. Fitting is very easy so you shouldn't have any problem.

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