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Multi Mounting Bar FE DAYTONA
fits: YAMAHA Tricity (2CM9)
  • YAMAHA Tricity (2CM9)
posté Jun 22, 2017


Par Kim Yong Jin (1)DeSouth Korea

I received three days to order it.
Mounting is fairly easy.
It took about an hour to start a complete novice....

Clutch Lock Nut Wrench Webike Garage
fits: HONDA NSR50
  • NS-1 ST50
  • NSR80
  • ...et plus.
posté Jun 15, 2017

not bad

Par Japan User(translated) (148055)DeJapan

It was necessary to remove Clutch and it was good not to be high so far as CostI do not know how durability is, but I do not think that it is a tool that is frequently used so I think that it will be good if it can be used several times

Bike Light XB300B GENTOS
posté Jun 15, 2017

It is bright!

Par Japan User(translated) (148055)DeJapan

I used the same Manufacturer until now, but a little light intensity is not enoughIt tended to be overlooked from other vehicles. Thanks to the brightnessI feel like I was improved more than before. However, Battery'sIt is planned to change to rechargeable as soon as wear and tear.

Universal Motorcycle & ATV, Snowplow Aluminum Lightweight Slope MINIMOTO
posté Jun 15, 2017

It is a lightweight Compact Slope

Par Japan User(translated) (148055)DeJapan

Until now I used wooden board instead of Slope. T company R vanWhen I changed it my luggage space was slightly shorter and I was struggling to store the board.Since Compact is a syllable phrase, it becomes shorter compared to the past and MotorcycleI felt the gradient suddenly to put on, but that is a personal impression.Since the body side is also...

Stronger U-Lock [W160/H220] DAYTONA
posté Jun 15, 2017

very good

Par Japan User(translated) (148055)DeJapan

We used Chain lock both in the front and rear of the wheel, but the Rear side has no place to lock the earth, it has no meaning of Chain, but it is troublesome to pass between the Spoke and the Spoke and through the hole of the Bike Cover, the Wheel scratches I was careful not to catch it.All dissatisfaction was resolved by changing to this product...

M8 Series tem Mount Base (C-16) SYGN HOUSE
posté Jun 15, 2017

Can be installed securely

Par Japan User(translated) (148055)DeJapan

It can be firmly fixed to the stem hole and there is no rattling.Because the tightening Torque was difficult to understand, I was worried that I could not screw up.

Valve Spring Compressor Set (16/19/23/25/30mm) Webike Garage
posté Jun 14, 2017

Even at cheap price more than double the...

Par Japan User(translated) (148055)DeJapan

Weekend is taught to acquaintance who is interested in Engine of APE and MONKEY individually and runs Motorcycle shop. Weekday is learned or weekday after returning from school Rose while watching the roll of KITACO and organizing it and it repeats now Valve It became like to be able to organize everything except without anything except. When it is...

posté Jun 13, 2017

Size sense and design is good

Par Japan User(translated) (148055)DeJapan

I found it if I was looking for a little Large textile bag.Size feeling is just right.I like shades, but when I use it every day for about half a year I fade in color as well.So it is painting once.It is strong and I am using it for over a year but there is no problem at all.

Corona Touring Bag Japan Drag Custom Cycles
posté Jun 13, 2017

It is Tank Bag of the Showa era.

Par Japan User(translated) (148055)DeJapan

Purchase Type L of Khaki Green.DREAMCB450Export (Made in 1970) In use.Wearing is the simplicity of just holding the Base in the Elastic band. Although it is in Picture 3, since Base interferes with Tank cap, only the Cap part was hollowed out. If you do this, you can refuel with Base attached, so it is recommended.Bag Body is fixed with Clip at 4 p...

Flywheel Puller Opposite Thread Screw M27 x P/T1.0 MINIMOTO
posté Jun 12, 2017

Very good item

Par Japan User(translated) (148055)DeJapan

I used it with XR 100 MOTARD.Making is good, Bolt part can be turned thrill by hand.I do not get stuckBecause it does not take up space with Compact, there is nothing to worry about the storage place of the tool boxI think that it is the best as a tool of PinpointOf course, Flywheel was securely removed.

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