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Équipement moto

Bank Sensor DB-05 DEGNER
posté Jun 17, 2017

Reliable feeling is not comparable GOOD!

Par Japan User(translated) (148055)DeJapan

Knee Slider I'm anxious if I do not scrape even if there is it. DEGNER's RacingSuit has more than DEGNER insistenceprice - shape - Material - Fit feeling It is felt that it is a good item not comparable with any other product of Manufacturer.Especially since I started Mini bike race, I can attack Corner more rapidly thanks to the gift of th...

KAWASAKIxBates Air Through Mesh 2 WAY Jacket KAWASAKI
posté Jun 17, 2017

Mesh wow

Par Japan User(translated) (148055)DeJapan

It is ReturnRider who rides Motorcycle for 20 yearsRough & Road's Plain's Simple Jacket I wondered which way to do itI removed the attached Inner and wore down the workman's wind protection Blouson, but it is cold in the morning of the temperature below 20 degrees in the middle of JuneSince the wind enters more than imagined it seem...

Goat Skin Glove Protection Type DAYTONA
posté Jun 16, 2017

Good quality,slim fit

Par Anonymous (1)DeRussia

I have a slightly narrow palm and long fingers ... When choosing the size, I chose the largest one to make my fingers comfortable. With a total palm and finger length of 21 centimeters, the size of the XL was good for me. The width of the gloves was also good for me.

AK-094 COOLMAX Summer Knit Cap KOMINE
posté Jun 16, 2017

Very easy to use

Par Japan User(translated) (148055)DeJapan

Because it is a hot we are looking for something and the price is reasonable so I tried purchasing it.It is not a very cool thing but it is a good product if you think of Helmet sanitation

Back Protector Pro Sub4 FORCEFIELD
posté Jun 16, 2017

Ultimate peace of mind

Par Japan User(translated) (148055)DeJapan

Originally I was wearing other Manufacturer 's Inner type Protection jacket, but although the CE Standard was the one that the protection range of Back Protector was covered only about 60% of the back, I felt uneasy about safety, I bought it.When I actually wear this product, I am protected entirely by the thick Protector from the back to the c...

Emergency Shoes Cover ROUGH&ROAD
posté Jun 15, 2017

It is the product name of Exactly!

Par Japan User(translated) (148055)DeJapan

I have used K Company's Boots cover for many years, but it got tiredI decided to buy it. Jackets are all weather typeShoes also became moisture proof and became comfortable, but sudden rainBoots cover is a necessity item.It is convenient to be able to store it in the Compact and put it on quickly.Water droplets accumulate in the bag-like portio...

Waist Bag 10 MFK-070 2.5L TANAX
fits: Others capacity : 2. 5L TANAX MOTOFIZZ
  • Others capacity : 2. 5L TANAX MOTOFIZZ
posté Jun 14, 2017

Extremely convenient

Par Japan User(translated) (148055)DeJapan

Considering COSPA, I think this product is very good.I am very handy because I am on the SSMotorcycle.I bought it, it was a correct answer.

WALL MESH Tissu Mesh Jacket Helstons
posté Jun 12, 2017

Large is good, is it good? - - -

Par Japan User(translated) (148055)DeJapan

Apparel for Motorcycle is quite a few of Design's excellent things, but is this Brand from Europe?I felt elegance among Simple, so I feel like buying it and went to a dealerSize Deployment is small, and I have a body with a large body Large Size during development : Sad thing that the chest circumference is too tight at XL.Since it can not be h...

Waist Bag 10 MFK-070 2.5L TANAX
fits: Others capacity : 2. 5L TANAX MOTOFIZZ
  • Others capacity : 2. 5L TANAX MOTOFIZZ
posté Jun 12, 2017

Cospa is very good

Par Japan User(translated) (148055)DeJapan

I wanted a little Waist Bag and purchased it. Capacity is reasonable because price is low, usability is price, but making is firmly divided. Minimum features such as Pocket's position and Belt's Length adjustment are perfect. Other people also noted, but Fastener is Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) It was perfect if I could open it from...

2-way Punched Hole Leather Jacket BATES
posté Jun 12, 2017

Leather quality was bad

Par Japan User(translated) (148055)DeJapan

I liked the design but I bought it, but the quality of leather was bad.The feeling that the leather is hard and stiff as a whole, in particular the area around the embroidery was feeling that the area around the embroidery will be ruined even now. Even if you increase the price a bit, I think that you want to use a good leather a little more.I boug...

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