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Meilleurs affichages Classé n ° 2 sur 28 modèledans SUZUKI 1001cc-
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Suzuki's flagship model boasts 'Hayabusa'.
The color develops three colors: Pearl Grezher White / Glass Sparkle Black, Pearl Bigger Blue / Glass Sparkle Black, Glass Sparkle Black.
There are also high-speed performance, unique design, innovative car names incorporating kanji, etc. It has become a model with many fans around the world.
Déplacement 1339 Type de moteur X 704/Water-cooled/4-stroke/In-line/4-cylinder DOHC/4 Valve
Sortie maximale (ps) 197PS / 9,500rpm Couple maximal (kgf / m) 15.8kgf・m / 7,200rpm
Poids du véhicule (poids sec) - Capacité du réservoir de carburant litre 21

SYGN HOUSE C-28 Série M8 Base de montage

Went looking for action camera mounting options for my Hayabusa , and while there are some generally okay types available , this particular exclusive Busa mount is a fantastic base mount . For starters , it uses the Hayabusa front tank anchor bolts , which are effectively rubber mounted by the facto...

GALE SPEED Disque à disque flottant mono (Arrière)

Gale Speed has produced the only semi floating rear rotor for Gen 2 Hayabusa . While even full floating rears are available for Gen 1 , until Gale Speed produced this beauty , '08+ Hayabusa owners only had fixed items to choose from . This rotor is marginally lighter than stock ,and dissipates heat ...

Magical Racing Panneau intérieur

Magical Racing inner carbon panels are not only lightweight , but exquisitely beautiful items . Made with care by master craftsman , a pleasing addition to any custom motorcycle , and a must with matching mirrors .

A-TECH Spécial Fender avant

Adds an open airflow design and light aspect to the Hayabusa front streamlining . The compact shape matches the stout exhaust quite well on this particular example . The guard also benefits greater air flow to discs and calipers , aiding cooling .

DAYTONA Tuyau de frein de haute précision type D

looks good works well, the fitting was 90 degrees out but twisted it to suit and it fits with ease. musch better feel than the old OEM hose.

World Walk Transporteur universel

Purchase motive- I would like to put some luggage at MT-07. I want to use the existing BOX. I want to put a helmet in a keyed place. It is a motivation that I do not want to worry about luggage when it's raining.Reason for making this item- The dedicated Carrier sold for loading MT - 07 's l...

COERCE Capuche semi-rigide RS

I purchased it because it meets the condition of HALF COWL of the shape that OEMDecal can use.Adhesion of protrusions fixed to the car body is sweet, Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Easy peeling with the pedestal at the time of temporary assembling, so it was repaired with adhesive. Also, since...

COERCE RS Under Cowl

I bought it with Side cowl and set.It was a commodity that fixed four places with Bolt, but the hole did not match even if it was fitted, and it opened again with Drill.Also, the flat part of the seat part of the Bolt fixed part is bad and the FRP cracks when tightened with Bolt with the attached se...

Osaka Fiber Housse de moto à deux verrous

I expected the durability of 300 D fabric, but it was disappointing. The portion of Mirror worn out and the sewing thread became degraded overall and leaked out. I feel that Cospa is falling by not being held for two years and successive price increases. We are considering replacement, but we are co...

DAYTONA Joint d'étanchéité

Oil I replaced it at the time of replacement and had not tightened up nearly a yearIt was not loose at all.I think that it is not Date that I attach various things.

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