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It had emerged as the successor of Z1A which had changed its color in 1973, and its carburetor in 1974. The tail line has been raised to emphasize its emblem "900".
Déplacement 903 Type de moteur Air-cooled/4-stroke/DOHC/2 Valve/Parallel 4-cylinder
Sortie maximale (ps) 82ps(60.0 kw)/8500rpm Couple maximal (kgf / m) 7.5kg・m(73.5N・m)/7000rpm
Poids du véhicule (poids sec) 230 Capacité du réservoir de carburant litre -

DOREMI COLLECTION Type de premier modèle Caliper P...

Since it was diverted to KH 400, it was bent and used, so it is neither nor impossible.Although it is a little long at KH 400, OEM Product - Other Company Product We are satisfied because we are not selling together.In terms of quality, I think that there is no problem saying OEM equivalent products...

Vesrah Plaquettes de frein frittées

Commute - Shopping Spec. Search the Pad that matches KX 85's Caliper diversion to Address of Address, and the aggressiveness of item description to Rotor - Believe in Life of 10,000 kilometers in normal use, I used to use besla I had never used before.At the same time I am changing to BigRotor s...

PMC(Performance Motorcycle Creative) Z1 / Z2 Boulo...

1 pc out of 4 broke so I exchanged it. I feel a little shorter than Exhaust SystemStud.The original StudRaspnean application → tap lightly with Hammer → leave for 24 hours → lightly tap with Hammer → Pipe wrenchIt was able to be taken off easily.Apply Screw Lock through Tap and screw it in Double nu...

SPHERE LIGHT Sphère LED RIZING H4 5500K pour moto

It is cheerful that it does not become a thing compared to OEM! It is cheap if you get this view at this price. However, as for the LED, it seems that Rose attachment tends to occur at the irradiation angle of Light, and as soon as it was installed it was upright condition even for low, so we asked ...

DOREMI COLLECTION Fender Eliminator Kit

The four points of the star are not within the position of the OEM Tail lamp.D1 as ZEPHYRSpec. It is Items necessary to make it ^ ^

MISTY RS-LOOK Nouveau support de compteur

I installed it in D1. Because we are taking the vehicle speed from the back of the Meter, we need to patently process Wiring and the back cover can not be attached. Since the Wiring was handled appropriately, the screw of the lid flew ^ ^; Whether the tightening of the stud bolt, which stands still,...

PMC(Performance Motorcycle Creative) Z / Support l...

Due to aged deterioration, the wrap has become big, from Side Stand, this product has been replaced. The too large inclination has been eliminated and the safety of the stopped Motorcycle has been secured. Large I'm strange.

IKON Choc arrière

The price is somewhat high, but anyway, I decided to buy with a look that will not spoil the atmosphere of Motorcycle. Easy to install, performance was also better than imagined. Also that Overhaul can be handled also ◯


I think that it is a good product that is very good in shape, strength, finish of details. I am relieved and I am very happy. The atmosphere of the car model is not damaged.

M-TEC Chukyo Z1 / Z2 Tandem Bar

I think that it is a very good product. Design, finish of welded part, finish of Plating, I think that the accuracy is excellent anyway. It is still strong Tandem bar.

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