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Meilleurs affichages Classé n ° 1 sur 82 modèledans KAWASAKI 401cc-750cc
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DUNLOP K300GP [130 / 80-18 MC 66V TL] Pneu

It will be the third one at the 84th year CB 750. Grip performance is never said! There has never been a scary eye at all. I trust you. In my case Front has about 5000 km and Rear has about 3000 km. But it is good.. Because this security feeling can not be changed by anyone. It may be unnecessary pe...

DUNLOP TT100GP [100 / 90-19 MC 57H TL] Pneu

I made it to the Front of xv 750. I have it in the old car. Handling is also nice.. I am satisfied because I liked this Pattern and wore it.

NGK Bougie Iridium CR8EIX 4814

Purchased for KLX 250, for W 800. Idling is stable, I feel like I'm sparking firmly. Cospa was also good and it is regular replacement goods, so I can satisfy you satisfactorily

WebikeMode Type de cartouche de filtre à huile

I think that no matter how big Manufacturer you choose there is no big difference in capability. I sold it under the name of webike, so I judged it would not be strange things.

Hirayama Industry F-1 Housse de moto anti-feu

LL is Just fit for RG 400 Γ of Full cowl.Because the fabric is solid, there are few flaps with wind. Because there is a gust of recent years, Risk of the fall caused by the battle with Body Cover has decreased.

ALCAN hands Noir Grip Grip Alpha

Great looking grips, they fit perfectly on my 2005 SR400. Really well priced too so great bang for buck. They are fit on in about ten seconds and provide a nice grip and comfort. I can highly recommend this product!

NitroHeads Siège Viper

Moved parts from OEMSeat have hole positions on the Seat side and gap can not be attached.I like the appearance quite a lot.Compared to OEMSeat, Cushion is pretty hard but you will get used to it a while.

DAYTONA Aileron court en acier inoxydable

There are a few polish scratches on the surface and we can only lower it, but I like the shape etc..Easy to install, it can be installed in less than 10 minutes.

DAYTONA Aileron court en acier inoxydable

There was a gap in the position of the hole at the time of installation and it was impossible to mount it unless the hole had to be widened.It was disappointing that Fender had many polish scratches and it was dull.

KAWASAKI Écrou de crochet de chargement

Purchase as it is necessary for using Net with Touring.The installation was OEM only and it fits Exactly (^_^)However, I thought that it was early to rust.

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