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Since launching in June 2013, Grom is in a trend due to its compact and easy-to-handle body size and full-fledged equipment reminiscent of a large-sized sports model such as an inverted type front suspension and front / rear wheel disc brake It is a two-kind moped model that is also supported as a second motorcycle of large two-wheelers, including sensitive youth.This time, Grom styling which emphasized volume feeling and dynamic feeling while being compact, was renewed to a more aggressive and powerful appearance.Adopting a newly designed LED headlight that produces advancedness and high quality texture, the unique front face is made more prominent and the body shape is raised to a fearless image by changing to a design that makes edge effect .Also, in addition to enhancing the convenience of refueling by newly adopting a hinged tank cap, the "retractable key" with a folding function that made it possible to hold the blade part of the ignition key in the hand can be stored in the hand for the first time in a Honda motorcycle We adopt it as a model full of playfulness, such as adoption.The body color has set three kinds of brilliant pearl valentine red, lemon ice yellow of sporty image, refreshing pearl Himalay's white.
Déplacement 124 Type de moteur JC61E
Sortie maximale (ps) 9.8PS / 7,000 rpm Couple maximal (kgf / m) 1.1kgf・m / 5,250 rpm
Poids du véhicule (poids sec) 104 Capacité du réservoir de carburant litre 5.7

DID Série STD Chaîne 420DS Acier [avec Clip (RJ) J...

Покупал эту цепь для Honda Super Cub C50 fi 2008 года. Цепь толще оригинальной DID 420D примерно на полтора миллиметра. Встала на мопед отлично! Будем смотреть как она поведет себя в действии. Webike большое спасибо за быструю доставку до Москвы!
I bought this chain for the 2008 Honda Super Cub C50...

World Walk Miroir de style SF ajustable

8mm正牙螺丝用转接座×2个 8mm逆牙螺丝用转接座×2个
10mm正牙螺丝用转接座×2个10mm逆牙螺丝用转接座×2个 合计8个都有附送
8mm Orthodontic Screw Adapter × 2 8mm Reverse Screw Adapter × 2...

SP TAKEGAWA (Special Parts TAKEGAWA) Repose-pieds ...

逛产品时无意间发现这个东西,原来还有的脚踏!?然后就下单并装上了我的CB1300 SF,感觉特别新鲜好玩,可以方便调整成不同的高度,可以根据自己的习惯来尝试不同的骑乘姿势,TAKEGAWA武川的产品人员真是有想法。
When I visited the product, I accidentally found this thing, and there are still pedals! ? Then I placed the order and installed my CB1300 SF. It feels very fresh and fun. It can be easily ad...

WR's Système d'échappement complet

You can also know that you make it solid, making it from the Manufacturer's site on the chassis table and developing it. I think that it's easy to get on and you can feel it is just good Power.

KOOD Axe d'essieu arrière

5 months from order placement to delivery. Delivery time extension of 2 times. I think that as a corporate attitude.However, the product is exceptional in precision and it is absolutely Large.Because I put in GCraft 's Swing Arm, it was custom made with 275 mm, screw part 25 mm, but the price is...

SP TAKEGAWA (Special Parts TAKEGAWA) Conduit d'...

【Q1 : What made you decide the purchase?】A1 : SP Mukawa : Power Filter exchange, simultaneous exchange!【Q2 : How was it actually used?]A2 : There is also a rainy season after the exchange, and we do not run real. In addition, SP Mukawa : I am exchanging Power Filter at the same time, so I do not kno...

KITACO Cross Gear Set

I have modified the car in the car, which in the fourth gear it has a discontinuity in gear, so I chose this gear, which makes the ...

G-Craft Support d'amortisseur de direction pou...

The legs are designed together with the car is very beautiful colors, lightweight, strong, unique shape, easy to install.(translated by Google Translator)

SP TAKEGAWA (Special Parts TAKEGAWA) Tuyau de guid...

This bar is beautifully designed with this car is very durable, beautiful colors when installed to control the car is much more than the original.(tran...

Gcraft ASIA Support d'étrier arrière

Rear Caliper Support จาก G-Craft Asia
วัสดุถูกผลิตจากอลูมิเนียมอย่างดี ชิ้นงานค่อนข้างเรียบเนียน และถูกผลิตอย่างดี
ตำแหน่งที่ยึดทำได้ดีมาก ทำให้ไม่มีเสียงเวลาเบรค
The material is made of aluminum. The work is quite smooth. And was produced well....

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