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HONDA CBR250R (2011-)

Fourni par Motor Magazine Ltd.
Meilleurs affichages Classé n ° 4 sur 134 modèledans HONDA 126cc-250cc
Les meilleures marques
Carenage / Carenado
Pièces de moteur

Guidon Pieces
Pièces d'entraînement

Cadres / Protections
Suspensions / Rearsets / Roues / bras oscillants


Styling full of speed CBR 250R sets all three color variations of Millennium Red, Black, Ross White.Millennium Red adopts sporty stripe with wing motif. Black changes the middle cowl's CBR logo to a new design, and adds a Honda logo to under cowl.In addition, the cylinder head cover and the crankcase cover of both colors are bronze colors with a sense of quality.In addition, Roth White coloring continues the conventional color.
Déplacement 249 Type de moteur MC41E/Water-cooled/4-stroke/DOHC/4 Valve/Single Cylinder
Sortie maximale (ps) 29ps(21kw)/9000rpm Couple maximal (kgf / m) 2.3kg・m(23N・m)/7500rpm
Poids du véhicule (poids sec) 143(概算値) Capacité du réservoir de carburant litre 13

56design 56 Support d'étrier avant BREMBO Raci...

我车友的一台CBR250R换BREMBO卡钳,一直在纠结入手哪款卡钳座会比较好,后来看到56design这个品牌不错之后就购买了它回去对应 卡钳,安装效果不错,他用起来也很满意,我的忍者以后换卡钳的话都会选择56design这个品牌!One of my car friends' CBR250R for BREMBO calipers, has been entangled in which caliper seat will be better, and later saw 56design this brand is good after buying it back to the corr...

POSH Extrémité de barre de type solide

I don't know why the photo can not be uploaded previously.So i decided to upload again.
This POSH Solid Type Bar End perfectly fits my honda cb190r (year 2017). But the weight is a bit lighter than the original one.

SP TAKEGAWA (Special Parts TAKEGAWA) Repose-pieds ...

逛产品时无意间发现这个东西,原来还有的脚踏!?然后就下单并装上了我的CB1300 SF,感觉特别新鲜好玩,可以方便调整成不同的高度,可以根据自己的习惯来尝试不同的骑乘姿势,TAKEGAWA武川的产品人员真是有想法。
When I visited the product, I accidentally found this thing, and there are still pedals! ? Then I placed the order and installed my CB1300 SF. It feels very fresh and fun. It can be easily ad...

SP TAKEGAWA (Special Parts TAKEGAWA) Porte-casque ...

The helmet lock is of course a must, and the stolen ones know its importance, especially for the one who has stolen a limited edition Arai... the front of the car is equippe...

HURRICANE Plaque déportée à 5 positions

Just after entering the motorcycle to modify the pit, I didn't expect to go back. In order to get a more aggressive riding posture, the rear shifting kit and the shift lever were all ready. How can...

ZETA Boulon de vidange magnétique

Perfectly fit on my ninja 300 (2014).
Sharp red colour with affordable price.
Fast delivery with good packing.
No leakage after change of oil.

SP TAKEGAWA (Special Parts TAKEGAWA) Ressort d'...

Using RepeatI am using it for Circuit driving.The slippage is reduced and immediately after change, the difference will come out at Start. A wonderful connection of Clutch will be better.Will not it feel a little after a while, the difference is difficult to understand.

IRC PROTECH ROAD GAGNANT RX-02 [110 / 70-17 M / C ...

It is a change from BT 39I changed both Front and Rear, but it is a product page of Front tire, but it is a review by comprehensivelyI changed my clothes since BT 39's Life is too spiritual.It is hard for me to see it when I go out for a while! I can not concentrate on fun Winding just because I...

SBS Plaquettes de frein Racing Dual Carbon 627DC

Touch is somewhat inferior compared to metallica cloth, but considering the price is enough performance if used in public roads. The lifespan is still unknown by hundreds of kilometers of use, but the type that adheres the Carbon film to the Rotor can be predicted to be super longevity as well as me...

NTB Filtre à l'huile

Along with Oil exchange of GB 250 CLUBMAN, this time I tried the NTB Oil Filter. It is the deciding factor of purchase that O-ring comes with it. I still do not understand the performance. When replacing the Filter next time I think that the condition of dirt can be compared with other products.

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