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HONDA CB400SF (Super Four)

Fourni par Motor Magazine Ltd.
Meilleurs affichages Classé n ° 1 sur 66 modèledans HONDA 251cc-400cc
Les meilleures marques
Déplacement 399 Type de moteur NC 42E Water-cooled/4-stroke/In-line 4-cylinder/DOHC/4 Valve
Sortie maximale (ps) 53ps(39kw)/10500rpm Couple maximal (kgf / m) 3.9kg・m(38N・m)/9500rpm
Poids du véhicule (poids sec) 174(概算値) Capacité du réservoir de carburant litre 18

CHERRY Joint d'échappement universel Joint 39m...

It is also a Universal product but there is no way but I thought that it was not suitable for cb 400 sf installation.Just because it is a Universal Product, I will give up only if the shape is slightly larger than the product that prevents exhaust leakage.It is not necessarily a product that can not...

DAYTONA Multi Wing Carrier

Purchase Carrier as SeatBack installation is not goodI was relieved with a good looking appearanceAs fixing of the bar and plate is Screw and UNut, it is necessary to be careful when removing it after wearing it and processing itYou say you do not match the holes of the other top box with the founda...


Wonderful size, able to fit other mounting, great for daily usage. Shorter then original handlebar. Using after afew days, will be use to it already

DAYTONA Unité de lumière multi réflecteur

As it used to be old Lens cut, it was very dark and it was hard to run such as Tunnel, so purchase with LED Light. Both DAYTONA.It is quite bright.. Halogen is bright even if it is a multi-reflector, but the LED certainly feels twice. I am looking forward to running at night..Also, I did not expect ...


17 in to WR 250 R. Use Spoke wheel to wear itIt is tolerant but has a shorter lifetime than other Manufacturer's TireSlideControl is easy to doIt is light when it is put on the Casting wheel, but the limit is low

CHERRY Joint d'échappement universel Joint 39m...

CB400SB (NC39) Used in.Exhaust leak if attaching while considering something like Small.It was obviously small as compared with the one of KITACO ordered at a later date.CB 400 SF for compatible models (NC31,NC39) Although there are, I think that it can not be used in these Motorcycle.

PIAA Ampoule de phare LED

I thought that I wanted to change from a long time ago, I was sorting out All In One's things and Cheap HID in certain Oakonjo, but I was uneasy in quality and could not put my hands ...While that was the target for Sale, I thought that it was a reliable Brand purchase.Installation work was done...

POSH Lampe de poche LED

There is no sense of smoke than photograph when attached.How to shine is no longer a round way of shining peculiar to CB. (I like it here

MADMAX Levier HONDA Type pour Gauche (1)

It looks like it looks like an OEM Product. Also, ease of grip does not change. I think Cost performance is good.. That's why I like it quite a bit..Lever is pretty Polished so some people may not like this glossy feeling. But, for me, that shiny feel is also one of my favorite points.

IMPACT Kit de coussins en aluminium Multi Footpeg

OEM footpeg of GROM breaks and thinks that it is a good opportunity footpeg exchange.City riding (Commuting) It is essential to be Foldable because it is used only for short distance touring and I was attracted to the price and texture and bought this product.The thing that arrived as expected.Since...

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